You Win: Wizards Of The Coast Will Leave The D&D OGL Alone

Nov 30, 2022
<p>A little over three weeks ago, a document leaked out of Wizards of the Coast HQ that suggested plans to revoke the OGL — the Open Gaming License — that has nurtured the Dungeons & Dragons gaming community for over twenty years. It’s hard to think of a proposed product revision that had a more instantly reviled reaction from its consumers, aside from New Coke (and even then, there were people who actually liked New Coke).</p>
Larping is a contact sports!
Jul 24, 2015
I'm delighted Wizards of the Coast isn't attempting to control the market for the game. This will ensure that gamers have a number of options for playing the game and that it remains competitive. This is quite promising news. It is obvious that Wizards of the Coast has taken the public uproar against the New OGL seriously and that it was heard loud and clear. It's fantastic to see they've taken the survey findings into account and chosen to entirely walk back the New OGL, and it's also heartening to see they're open to public debate and prepared to listen to the community.
Donut fiend
Nov 14, 2022
The survey's findings appear to be pretty educational as well. Most people clearly do not want to publish TTRPG content under OGL 1.2 since doing so would necessitate adjustments to some aspect of their operations. It's also clear that many people are unhappy with the draft VTT policy or the deauthorization of OGL 1.0a. The fact that the majority of people are fine with the inclusion of Systems Reference Document (SRD) content in Creative Commons and that those who weren't asked for additional SRD content in Creative Commons are encouraging.