Capcom is one of the most prominent makers of AAA title games. Recently though, their focus is stuck with four franchises. They had been focusing too much on Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Resident evil. Capcom has a large library of IPs that needed a revival. Recently they made a revival of Ghost N’ Goblins and it is great. The Great Ace Attorney is also getting a Western release but there are more Capcom Ips that needed a revival.

Darkstalkers 4
Former Capcom employee Yoshinori Ono is very vocal about how much he wanted to make a new Darkstalkers game. Yoshinori Ono is the one who made Street Fighter IV, the game that revived a once dead franchise. Here is a Tweet of him still expressing his desire for a Darkstalkers 4 despite the fact he...

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Darkstalkers is such an underrated franchise and it will thrive in modern era.

Yellow Grass Prod.

Turbo power! Ha!
A Darkstalkers 4 will become a hit if they will make the Red Earth cast, Lady Dimitrescu and Geiru Toneido as guest characters. People will be buying copies like crazy,
I am kind of sad to see lots of cosplayers dressing up as Morrigan but never played Darkstalkers and never knew what game she came from.