Yes, They Really Just Did That On Batwoman

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If you’ve been watching The CW’s Batwoman but haven’t seen last night’s episode, I’d suggest you do so before reading this (though if you’re online, you likely have already run into the spoiler). For those who DON’T watch the show, let me try to explain what just happened on it, which also requires explaining Season 2 so far (not easy either).
(deep breath)
As the show makers warned us they would do, they did not recast Kate Kane but instead introduced a new character, who had no comic backstory: Ryan Wilder. She lives in a van, she stumbles onto the Batwoman suit through some contrived coincidence, meets Luke and Mary…they are complete strangers to her but forty minutes later they’re happy friends and trust her with the Batsuit. Then suddenly there’s this character named Safiyah who I guess is like Queen Hippolyta only evil, she lords over an exotic island and everyone does her bidding, and she has a garden of super-rare miracle plants that cure everything called Desert Roses, and...

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