Yandere Simulator 80s mode will be released for free before the actual game

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Yandere Simulator 80s mode teaser

Yandere Simulator 80s mode is supposed to be unlockable for Yandere Simulator but now it’s a freebie. Yanderedev, the developer of the game wanted to release a game with 10 rivals playable. Having a shortage of resources to pay volunteers, slows down the development of the game more. He wanted to release a complete game with unique voice acting and animation but he is short on funds. Yanderedev is unable to start a Kickstarter because the people ruined his reputation online for having a slow production of a game he makes by himself.
Finishing the game with the 10 rivals promised in 2016 without funds will take a long time so to keep fans busy he will release the Yandere Simulator 80s mode. The 80s mode won’t has voice acting and the rivals are not as elaborate as the original ones. It is set...
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