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Yandere Simulator 1980s mode trailer

Yandere chan’s Mom wants Senpai to notice her while listening to City Pop.
Yandere Simulator 1980s mode is now available to download for free! You can now play the prequel to cult hit Yandere Simulator. Even if the real Yandere Simulator is still in development hell. YandereDev decided to release the 1980s mode so the fans will have something to play while waiting for the finished product. Set in 1989, You will play Ayano Aishi mother. Ryoba Aishi was a simple teenage girl from the 1980s who became obsessed with her upper-classman. She will do everything to have him by hook or by crook.
Ryoba is a Yandere
A Japanese pop culture trope for a love sick person. They are known  are willing to commit murder in the name of love.
Yandere Simulator 1980s mode will make you play as Ryoba as she tries to murder all the girls who...
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