Yahoo Answers is shutting down

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Jan 14, 2018
Yahoo made an announcement that Yahoo answers will be shutting down on the 4th of May. If you created some content on this platform, it’s time screencap them.   Before there was Facebook,Instagram,Youtube and reddit, there is Yahoo answers.

During its prime, this site even had guest famous celebrities to ask the questions.  There are students who even used this site for homeworks. I have fond memories of this discussion site but at least we have Reddit,Mylot,Forumcoin, and Quora as alternatives once this  iconic  Q and A social network is gone. I was still using the site last month and the activity dwindled because less people are active. During the prime of  this site, I can get 10 answers seconds after I made a questions. I barely get answers the past few years.
Askers usually picks the best answer after three days and I still remember the feeling of Pride whenever I was chosen as best answer. When you are chosen as the best, it means...

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