XLink Kai + Wireless

Kaji Motomiya

Okay, so I recently installed and registered for XLink Kai, thinking I can use it over Wireless. It was introduced to me by B Samurai, who, IIRC, hasn't tried it out himself. So this was a test run for me.

I tried following the steps of this guide, but got severely lost when I tried to put my computer into adhoc mode. REALLY screwed myself after that. By activating ad hoc mode, I blocked myself from the Internet. After resetting my laptop, I tried to configure the XLink Kai, skipping the laptop process itself. And then....I don't know what to do after that.

I'd rather not pay for something like WiFi Max or some wireless USB adapter because I'm MONDO low in funds, but if there's something available for at least less than $20, it's doable. But for now, if I can do this without having to buy a USB adapter, does anyone know how?

Like, has anyone tried using their laptop with xlink kai and a wireless router to play with the PSP or something? I Googled (covering my bases here) as much as possible, even YouTubed tutorials, and I have NO idea what to do!