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World War Z is coming back…kind of. It’s largely the same game, but it’s headed to a new platform (Nintendo Switch) with the Deluxe Edition that will contain all the content previously released on PS4 and XBox One. So finally, Switch can stand equally with its contemporaries, right?
I hope it enjoyed the feeling, because it lasted for about eight minutes. A SUPER Deluxe Edition of the game, World War Z Aftermath, was just introduced for next-gen systems like Playstation 5 and XBox Series. Its upgrades and bonus content are exclusive to this version and include 4K 60FPS support, new story episodes set in places like Russia and the Vatican, a first person perspective mode, and a “Horde Mode XL” that packs in more zombies onscreen than the original could ever handle.
Based on the movie, World War Z is predominantly a multiplayer experience. You can play the main four-player co-op, utiilzing six...
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