World population reaches 7 billion

LA Times

On this day, somewhere in the world (most likely in India), the 7 billionth living person will be born. Take that as a good or bad thing depending.

For scale's sake, the worlds population was 1 billion in 1804, 2bil. in 1927, 3bil. in 1959, 4 bill. in 1979, 5 bil. in 1987, 6 bil. in 1999. The space between the milestones has grown considerably shorter over time, with the average being 12 years.

Earth will hit the 8bil. mark by 2025, 9bil. by 2043 and then growth will slow down greatly (due to all the 'Baby boomers' dying off), taking till 2083 to hit the 10bil. mark.

Those numbers assume their is no large scale die-off's however, such as plague's/pandemic's or world war's that could easily take billion's of lives.


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Let's see just how crowded it can get before something thins us out.


For seriousness sake, I can only see it thin out if new diseases as effective as the older ones get us or WWIII.

We can always send them hurling into the sun though. Call it The Real World :Sun Edition like on Futurama.



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