Women of Marvel, A Marvel Even in celebration of Women’s History Month

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Jul 1, 2021
Women of Marvel is a limited Comic Anthology celebrating Women’s History Month because Marvel does have Amazing Heroines. There won’t be a Men with Boobs trope on this Anthology because this comic compilation will exclusively feature female writers and illustrators. Of course, some men can write female characters powerfully, but there is a more authentic feel when women write female characters.
Marvel has a diverse army of female Superheroines that fans grow up with throughout the years. International Women’s Month is an excellent opportunity to honour these comic book icons.
Each Adventure will represent stories that focus on fan-favourite female Marvel characters. More Emphasis on fan favourites as the polarizing characters are not on the trailer. (Sorry Fans of Trailblazer, Cycloplass, She-Thing, Iron Heart, and Pregnant...

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Feb 16, 2005
The Pregnant Spider woman, New Heroes, America Chavez and Children of the Atom are some of the worst comics I ever read. I converted to Manga because I was upset on what Marvel turned into. I am not sure if I will be confident to read this seeing America Chavez is in the cover.