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Last year Brazilian indie collective OTA IMON Studios and publisher Raw Fury released a new, stylish RPG called Wolfstride on the PC. Now they’ve taken the experience to Switch, as of today.
You and your friends — former Yakuza members, by the way — have inherited a giant mecha called Cowboy, and suddenly, you have a fighting chance at the ultimate mech-battling championship: the Ultimate Golden God Tournament. This, however, is assuming you can master the use of this huge thing before the tournament starts.
Roam apocalyptic Japan, take on odd jobs, and track down parts to upgrade Cowboy. Take on opponents in a turn-based battle system where delivering and dodging blows depends on strategy. Wolfstride uses a unique combo of black-and-white visuals and anime designs, and each of the three team members has a unique ability.

FIGHT Battle opponents in a classic turn-based combat system. Use Movement Points to outmaneuver opponents. Spend action points to deliver precision strikes and...

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