Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

The Wolfenstein game series has been around for an impressive 33 years now and with every iteration the series still manages to gather momentum and draws a lot of attention. Previous Wolfenstein games have been very hit and miss affairs, varying wildly in quality – so have Machine Games made another exceptional Wolfenstein game with The New Order, or will The New Order add to the list of forgettable entries in the series?...
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Buying this game tomorrow i am so pumped for this game! it looks so good. I bet it has something to do with their experience because holy ****. 33 years is a long time!


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Personally I think the Wolfenstein franchise started to degrade with everything that came after Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

I've seen multiple reviews of it and everyone of them praises the game on its creativity with regards to the "What if" quality it has, and the fact thats its one of the few run-n-gun shooters in past couple of years, there haven't been many of those.

I won't be playing it, but thats because of personal preference not because theres something wrong with the game. Personally I'd much rather like to see a remake of the classic Return to Castle Wolfenstein in some more modern engine, I guess I have a soft spot for remakes as long as they're done right.

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