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If you’re a fan of animation, then you know the names of voice actors Tara Strong, Carlos Alazraqui and Maurice LaMarche. Well, imagine if they had to band together one day to fight a horde of zombies. (This is the best hook for a horror movie I’ve read in months.)
That’s what you get in Witness Infection, a new comedy-horror film from Freestyle Digital Media. And it’s just the beginning. The plot is about two Mob families who are constantly at war with each other. They were put into Witness Protection after squealing, but the Feds bungled up by sending them to the same city. One of the heads has an idea — marry off his son to the rival gang’s daughter, merging the families and ending the feud — but the betrothed disagree with that plan. It’s all rendered moot when the aforementioned zombie horde surfaces, and suddenly they are forced to get along for a different reason.
Alazraqui co-wrote the script for this one with Jill-Michele Melean. “I’m so excited for the release of my third...
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