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Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey proves that nothing is sacred once it becomes the public domain. A.A. Milne has died for 66 years and has no living descendants. So that means no Estate owns this franchise anymore. No legal action will be taken against you by anyone as long as your Pooh Bear does not resemble the one created by Disney. Other characters now considered to be in the public domain include the early Disney princesses, Zorro, and Popeye the Sailor Man. They will become accessible to everyone in the year 2025. Spiderman will be Public Domain in 95 years, and I think if Marvel is still a thing in a century, they may renew its copyright.
Rhys Waterfield, who got a history of making mockbusters and b-movies, took advantage of the opportunity of Pooh Bear to become Public Domain. There is a reason why we got...

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Money Heister
This movie is so going to get banned in China. Not only Pooh Bear is banned there, The designer of the prosthesis made sure to make Pooh look like Xi jin Ping. The resemblance is uncanny.
Suddenly I am having Vietnam flashbacks of the Woodrocket parody of Pokemon where they have an actress play Pikachu.



Son of my Parents
What a wonderful movie for children, and one that the whole family can take pleasure in watching together; I'll be able to share it with my grandmother, who has a heart ailment, and as a result, I'll be able to collect my inheritance sooner than I had anticipated.


This isn't a issue for me. Before seeing this clip, I always assumed the cartoon was intended for girls and had no interest in the character. Disney won't file a lawsuit, thus this will provoke a reaction. I've been giggling for a while now. A violent Winnie the Pooh happens.


There will be... a Crisis...
Some fame hungry director thinking outside the box is essentially to blame for wrecking my childhood.


New Member
I get the impression that the big surprise of the movie will be that the killers are simply folks disguised as Pooh Bear and his buddies based on how the costumes for Pooh Bear and friends appear. I realize that this film probably doesn't have a very large budget, but I've seen many of low-budget films that manage to give characters looks that go beyond simple men in suits. Really, one that comes to mind right away for me is Evil Dead.


The Disney adaptation of Pooh is copyright protected, but the studio no longer has exclusive access to Milne's writings, making it available to pretty much everyone. The fun factor is only increased by the fact that it was filmed in Ashdown Forest, which served as the initial inspiration for the 100 Acre Woods.


New Member
Real life Christopher Robin uses his plushies as his imaginary toys. So this my theory, Killer Pooh and Piglet are just figments of his imagination. Christopher Robin is the killer in this movie. That is my film theory thanks for reading my ted talk.


Life sucks =(
I just read an interview of the director and apparently, Pooh and Piglet killed Eeyore and ate him. They might have killed Tigger too.


New Member
Conan the Barbarian is Public domain already in Europe. Madeline will be public domain in 2030.

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