Will ever had a default female red ranger, Male Pink ranger and Black female ranger in Sentai or Power rangers.


Power Rangers can pull the female red ranger off since they had gender swapped multiple male yellow ranger in the past.

Super Sentai had a female red ranger but she is more of a 6th ranger and not the default one.

Pink had always been a female color. I don't count Zyuoh Human because its a Joke. HououRanger is a flashback character.

Black had always been a male color.

Yellow use to be a male exclusive color in Sentai until Bioman's Yellow 4 and It use to be a female exclusive color in Power rangers until Tideus ?
Green use to be male exclusive until Ninninger green and Chameleon Green
White use to be a male exclusive color until Change Mermaid?


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Well, for the green, you forgot Mele/ Chamille from Gekiranger/ Jungle Fury, assuming you count her.

I don't know. I imagine the female black is the most likely of the three to ever happen, but at the end of the day, it's all up to the whim of Bandai.


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Female Red Ranger - I assume you mean in a main role? because we already had the A-Squard Red ranger from SPD who was a woman. This is the least likely to happen. The Red Ranger is always the leader/main character, since Power Rangers' is a boys franchise, they will never have a girl in the lead role.

Male Pink Ranger - Pink in SS/PR is always associated with girls, so no.
Female Black Ranger - Yes, only a matter of time. They gender swapped Dino Fury Green, so its possible.