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Wild Eye Releasing has announced they have acquired the rights to the upcoming supernatural horror film The Bloody Man, a passion project that reunites past stars of Nightmare On Elm Street sequels (some of whom have been interviewed on this very site, in fact).
The simple plot goes like this: after the death of his mother, a young boy develops a weird obsession with a comic book she left him. He specifically becomes attached to a monster depicted in the book, and becomes devoted to bringing the monster into our world. Of course, he manages to pull that off and it’s a big problem for everyone else who happens to live near him.
The Bloody Man will feature performances from NOES veterans Lisa Wilcox and Tuesday Knight, and also stars Mercedez Varble, Dan Eardley, Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah and KateLynn E. Newberry. The film is directed by Daniel Benedict, from a script written by him and Casi Benedict, and produced by Red Serial Films.
Look out for The Bloody Man starting July 12 on...

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It felt like those 1980s horror movies with kids as protagonist. I like Stranger Things so I may give this a chance.