Wicked Ones TTRPG Review

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The Wicked Ones TTRPG by Bandit Camp Games is a new tabletop roleplaying game being funded on Kickstarter along with its new expansion, Undead Awakening. In both books, Player Characters play as monsters building a dungeon together and slaying adventurers – it’s heavily inspired by the PC game Dungeon Keeper. Both games are currently on Kickstarter in a high-quality print run of the successful 2019 Kickstarter of the original (digital-only) Wicked Ones campaign.
Get Ready to Play as The Bad Guys
Author and designer Ben Nielson has created a nuanced game that puts the players into the reverse role of the monsters looking to raid, pillage, and slay the heroes of typical pen-and-paper dice games, and the system truly shines in its tone and theme. He’s masterminded a game that definitely knows what niche it’s trying to fill, and the options inherent in the game lean towards that end.
The Wicked Ones TTRPG uses a modified (see expanded) Forged in the Dark system, originally made famous...

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Sentai Monster with no Mouth Animation
The art style is eye candy! I am not a table top person but this one looks like a great collector's item. So much love and dedication got poured for this project and no wonder it resonates enough to people that they donated cash. Reminds me of the time when I donated cash to the Indiegogo campaign of Skullgirls. Now that game celebrates it's 10th anniversary.


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Yeah in most tabletops, we play the good guy role. It is a refreshing change to be the one to pillage villages this time around.


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As a person who enjoys killing civilians in Rampage,Humans must die,Yandere Simulator, GTA V and Infamous, This game appeals to my darkest desires. I had played games where I am defending villages, so I like the concept of being the one destroying them.


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They better use the 100 K they collected for improving and manufacturing their product. I still have ptsd from "The Mighty No. 9"


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I always wanted to start my own Indiegogo campaign because I have concepts that I want to happen but I am afraid to fail and not deliver. I also fear of getting funded but not deliver what I promise to the people who supported.