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Nancy Drew returns tonight on The CW. It’s grown into one of the best shows the network has around, but the suits decided to award it by giving it the worst timeslot they have: Fridays at 9, AFTER Penn and Teller. Looks like it’s going to need all the help it can get, so…here’s my top four reasons why you should be watching Nancy Drew right now. I’m not going to tell you the show is perfect, but it does a lot of things better than most CW shows at the moment.
The core inspiration behind this latest incarnation is “what if Nancy had to deal with ghosts” and it works very well. Traditionally, Nancy pieces together mysteries that are somewhat grounded. Though some of the stories might allegedly involve hauntings, it’s never actually the case. This time the ghosts are right there, undeniably in her face, and there’s little she can do. Unlike most CW heroes, Nancy has no powers of her own to lean on. She is forced to track down an ancient relic that may or...
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