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Why modern American Idol Winners Don’t chart anymore?
Kelly Clarkson celebrates the 20th anniversary of her victory on American Idol. She has sold 25 million albums and almost 25 million singles since her victory in 2002. Kelly Clarkson undoubtedly had the advantage of being the first winner, but being first doesn’t always guarantee success. Cristina Grimmie didn’t even win her Season of the Voice. She had more impact than the first 3 winners of the show that killed American Idol before its revival.
Some winners managed to be mainstream like Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia Barino, and David Cook.
Then there are ones with modest success like Scotty McCreery and Philip Philips. Then there runner ups and finalists who are more successful than the winners. The winners I didn’t mention fall off the map.
— Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson)...

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The winners barely got promotion indeed. The last winner I will consider successful will be Jordin Parks.


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Idol is mostly watched by Housewives and these housewives do not go to Itunes or Spotify and they don't even by singles. They also have the assumption the contestant will have a good life now that they won a million dollars.
Around Season 5 they slowly stop giving a damn about the winners. The only reason why Jordin Sparks succeeded is she collaborated with Chris Brown. Non of the recent winners got the collaboration that could helped them.


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People lost interest with American Idol when White Guy with a Guitar became a Pandemic. It is like 6 season in a row and the winner had been a white guy with a guitar who have a female fanbase who votes rapidly to make him win even if the most talented person and marketable person that season is a woman. Despite of getting votes to win the people who voted for them do not commit as fans at the end of the season and doesn't support their music. So in the end runners up and finalist became more successful than winners.


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The show would have higher ratings today if they actually make stars like they use too.


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They fail to make the audience connect to the contestants to the point of following them post show.


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They dont care anymore, All they want is TV ratings and not what happen when the season ended.


Younger people don't watch TV anymore so they don't follow Idol. Also if winner don't have good base of fan on social media and keep building carreer on TV, they will end up making commmercial or news reporter. It would be best for Idol left TV and transfer on social media.

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