Who want a job working for a gaming site?


Hello guys. I am looking for some new ppl for my gaming site. This is NOT a pay job or not money anyway but you will be pay in free games. (xbla, psn, pc and DL) the only things are needed is a cam and a mic.

Here what we need.

News videos - Cam needed
(3 videos a week "Monday, Wednesday, Friday")

Retro Games - Mic needed "if you can get game play that will be a +"
(1 mp3 a week. no ranking, just do the game still hold up review)

if you like to try out for the jobs just post here or send me a email at troy@extraplay.info hope we can work together.



have you ever done anything with games befor. video editing, audio editing or work on any game site befor?

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