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My favorite writer is Grant Morrison. If you've never read his run on the Batman comics, or his Animal Man stuff, or pretty much anything else he's written, you should definitely check his work out. He's a polarizing figure in that a lot of people really like his work, while others hate him because they consider him too flamboyant. If I had to recommend one of his series, it would be his run on Batman & Robin - especially the issues with Frank Quitely - imagine the hacky 60s Batman show melded with morbid humor, and that's basically what it is.


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Robert Kirkman is the man for me! LOL! He's the guy who created the Walking dead comics, to be honest I think the guy is a genius, and I love the things he has done to the story. He has touched some really polemic topics that really bothered a lot people, he did this more than once - he was threatened by so called ''fans'' that claimed he had gone to far and said they'd stop reading the comics. He didn't care!!! He just did what he wanted to do with his comic book, and I must say I respect him for that.

I don't share his enthusiasm for the word ''****'', lol, but still... he's a cool guy :D
Kirkman is one of my favorite writers. I only read up to issue 50-something, but even after that many issues, there was no staleness setting into the story at all. The character development was great, and the series was actually able to make the reader surprised when "person x" got killed or bitten. Have you read all the issues? Has it gotten any worse past the point I stopped reading?
I'm massive fan of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison! All three writers bring wonderfully de-constructive and imaginative takes to the characters that they write, absolutely reinvigorating each title blessed enough to have their pen grace its scripts, and truly transcend the pulp medium into something that only the most stubbornly obtuse of high-brow snobs could dismiss as art! These three writers have rightfully had well-deserved praised heaped upon them so often that I virtually feel no need to elaborate on the masterful quality and influence of their works! In particular: I highlight Neil Gaiman's work on The Sandman, Alan Moore's work on Saga of The Swamp Thing, Watchmen, From Hell, and V For Vendetta, and Grant Morrison's work on Batman, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Final Crisis, The Invisibles, and Animal Man.

Sticking with Vertigo: I also love what Jamie Delano did with Hellblazer, and moreover what Garth Ennis subsequently did with Hellblazer and Preacher alike!

Moving beyond Vertigo to DC proper, I also truly appreciate Dennis O'Neal's work with Batman, The Question, and Green Arrow / Green Lantern. Together with the astoundingly talented artist Neil Adams, O'Neal reinvigorated Batman following the two decades of downright silly camp that was Batman during 1950's and the 1960's! They brought Batman back to his roots as a crime-fighting vigilante hunting down Gotham's criminal element under the cover of night, and moreover then proceeded to further expand and enrich the Batman's legacy by introducing the likes of Arkham Asylum, the drug Venom, Man-Bat, and the al Ghuls and their League of Assassins! O'Neal's handling of The Question was similarly masterful! And of course, again along with Neal Adams, O'Neal took Green Arrow / Green Lantern on a fascinating tour of 1970's America that brought further realism to superhero comics (including the infamous Speedy is a junkie story).

Just as O'Neal brilliantly invigorated Batman and The Question as crime-fighting vigilantes, I must also praise the similar treatment Mike Grell brought to Green Arrow during the 1980's with The Longbow Hunters and onward: having Oliver Queen discard campy trick arrows and moving to Seattle to fight a more realistic and gritty criminal element there!

Ed Brubaker's and Greg Rucka's work on titles like Gotham Central demonstrate their mastery when comes to comics with a pulpy noir feel and moreover giving the traditionally over-looked supporting cast of major franchises a fascinating voice of their own!

I heap similar praise upon Frank Miller's work up to and including Batman: Year One. Unfortunately, a few years after that phenomenal work Miller's writing began a downward spiral into sheer insanity... I can't believe that the same man who penned such fantastic work with Daredevil and Batman in the 1980's went on to give us All-Star Batman and Robin and Holy Terror! Ugh! :confused:

As for more recent comics in DC's New 52: I really like what Scott Snyder did with the Batman and Swamp Things titles, what Jeff Lemire did with Animal Man and Justice League Dark, and what J.H. Williams III did with Batwoman. Under those writers, those titles are the definite highlights of the New 52! (I've heard great things about Demon Knights and Dial H For Hero, but haven't yet gotten around to checking out their trades!) I also quite like Geoff Johns' epic run on Green Lantern, pre- and post-Flashpoint.

As you can tell, I'm firmly in the DC/Vertigo camp when it comes to comics! :cool:

James O'Barr's The Crow and the exaggerated satire of Judge Dredd's various writers also hold a special place in my heart, to cite at least two examples from outside DC!
I guess I am old-school, but I have to go with Stan Lee. Not only did Lee create, or co-create great characters like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-man, Hulk, and Wolverine, he worked with the best comic book artist ever, Jack Kirby. They worked together at Marvel in the early days. After Kirby left Marvel to do TV animations, they worked together again on a Fantastic Four cartoon. I will be very sad the day Stan Lee passes away.


Frank Miller, I know its a bit cliche now with all the movies being made, but his work on Daredevil and Batman was amazing. Well, most of his work with Batman. I'm not really sure what the heck happened with 'The Dark Knight Strikes Again'. Both 'Year One' and 'The Dark Knight Returns' were awesome.

Robert Kirkman is likewise amazing and has been gaining more and more of my respect. Not just with 'The Walking Dead' but 'Thief of Thieves' is great as well as the 'Marvel Zombies' (which had me laughing nearly the whole read through)

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