Who Is Your Favorite Character In The Big Bang Theory?


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All the characters in the Big Bang Theory are great but I like Sheldon Cooper best. He reminds me so much of one of my close friends though my friend isn't as tactless. How about you? Who is your favorite character?


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While all characters are great, I like Sheldon the most too; Beautiful character, smart, extremely funny and one of a kind.


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Without a doubt every character is important in the show. But hands down, Sheldon is the best. There's no character quite like him in other shows then and now. Oh, I also love Penny and Amy!

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Despite the fact that I haven't really liked the show as much since the first couple of seasons, my favourite character is Amy. I just love how she has the quirks of Sheldon but isn't really a 'clone' of him - she actually tries to fit in like the other girls and her awkwardness is just adorable.


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Amy is pretty cool, but I have to agree with the others that Sheldon is the best. He's just hilarious: "I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested".


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I have to go with Sheldon, too. He has several traits of an extremely intelligent Aspie - literal minded, collects things, lack of social skills and has inappropriate emotional responses - even though it's never been stated on the show.
Sheldon Cooper makes the show and is the centerpoint of everything. All the side characters are great but the show doesnt survive without him.

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Oh my gosh do I have a favorite? I am not really sure! I love them all! I think I have to say like the majority here, Sheldon Cooper. Without him I do not think the show would be as funny.


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Howard is one of my fav characters, I think he's an underrated character! He has had his good moments, and i don't see how this TV show would work without him. He's very funny and quirky; a really colorful personality. Sheldon Cooper is my second choice :p


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My favorite is Leo'nerd' because I sometimes see some of myself in him. He always has to think about family members who over-achieved more than him and he is quite uncomfortable in certain social situations. Of them all, I think he is the most normal - somewhat.


I have not watched Big Bang Theory for about a year now because I barely watch TV, but when I did watch it, I'd have to say Penny's girlfriend, Zack. Something about him made me like him, probably his goofy attitude, and how he didn't know anything at all. He was not what I thought he was, which was a strong person who would beat anyone who made fun of him. Fortunately, the writers didn't make him that way, and made him tell funny, but stupid jokes.

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