Who expected Gokaiger to be a dark series?


But that's not something exclusive to Sentai. You can see similar stuff in a lot of action shows in general. If by 'smashing' you mean hitting someone with a gun, that's not an uncommon sight.

I'll grant you the wardrobe colors, but such things have happened in real life too. In the American Civil War, some Zouave regiments wore bright red clothing. The British had their Redcoats. Bright red makes you a highly visible target.

But the costume aspect is just part of the superhero genre. It's not something you can only point to Sentai on. It may be just me, but I really don't see as many "this is all kiddy nonsense!" statements made about American superheroes as I do about toku.

Given that it happens in real life, it doesn't make it any less silly. People using sniper rifles as staves in close combat is something from a Chris Rock movie, not a Vin Diesel one. And you can bet it was done in order to look silly.

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Well I was referring to rifles and guns in general, not specifically snipers.

I don't think SagaSniper even had a real sniper rifle mode. It just had a regular gun mode, along with a staff and metal detector mode.
I think there won't be any Tokusatsu anniversary series with "showing old heroes" concept and also grimdark. (don't know about other genres...)

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