Who else likes Time Travel movies ?

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I really like to watch time travel shows and movies, and love how they can tangle life and fantasy around with one of these shows.
I have watched Somewhere in Time several times over, and also totally enjoyed The Time Travelers Wife. In this show, the time traveler goes back and forth involuntarily, and never know where he will end up or in what time frame. He actually goes back in time to when his wife was a little girl, and visits her as she is growing up, so when they meet in real time, she knows exactly who he is, but he has never met her before in his life.

I think my favorite show has to be Frequency, starring Dennis Quade. It combines time travel, shortwave radio, and a twisty turny plot that changes every thing all the way through the movie. It is one of those shows that I can watch over and over, and never get tired of it.


Well, why not? I wouldn't say it's one of my favourite genres but that may be because it's no real genre. There are some great titles with a time travel story.


I find them interesting, even the old ones like Back to the Future. I bet there are scientists out there who are actually experimenting on time travel inspired by the films.


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I think that time travel movies are so interesting because it is something that we have always talked about the possibility of, even though, so far, we don't seem to have the capability to do it.
However, should it be developed in the future, then people from there could actually be showing up here in our time, and perhaps changing the future.
We have had more developments in the last hundred years, than for the whole period of recorded history before now.
Why is that ?

I think we could have people that time traveled here, and helped us out, thus making this line of the future possible.
Anyone remember the TV show, Life on Mars ?


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It's not time travel per se, but Irreversible is a really interesting movie in that it is told in reverse chronology. So it ends on a happy note, but that's kind of bittersweet knowing what happened at the beginning of the movie.