TV and Film Whiplash


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Have you guys seen the movie Whiplash?
I saw it the other day and I am thoroughly impressed with it. It isn't action packed but it is absolutely mesmerizing and magical. Miles Teller an J.K. Simmons, both, put on amazing performances.

The story is about a young boy in the 1st year at Shaffer music conservatory, who is a jazz drummer. He wants to be great, one of the greats. He lands a spot in the coveted ensemble, under an eccentric maestro who is ruthless in his quest to push the students. So much so, in fact that it more often than not turns into both physical and emotional abuse.
And I am not going to go more into it as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.
From the trailer and descriptions it's not a movie I would have watched but I have seen it twice now and have not regretted a single second of it.