Which sentai series do you want Shout! Factory to bring over next?


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I refer you to the title. I know Shout! reads these forums (hi, guys), so I figure now's as good a time as any to leave some feedback on what series you'd like next (or ever).

Naturally, my vote goes to Dairanger (though I'd also love to see Shinkenger and maaaaybe Jetman as well, if they could pull that off), but that's just me.

(I know they said in one interview they'd like to do the next season next, and I really hope they mean Dairanger and not Ohranger. They could always market Dai as "the power rangers season that never was," thanks to their cameo in Super Megaforce)

Also, my apologies if this exact thread has been made before (I looked, but I couldn't fine one).

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I think it would be really awesome if they released all Super Sentai seasons (from Go-Ranger to the current season) all at once. But of course that's not gonna happen.

I think depending on sales it's probably most likely they'll release DaiRanger.

What would also be awesome is if they'll release Go-Busters (considering that it's the first Sentai since Jetman that's not been adapted for a Power Rangers series), and Kyoryuger while Dino Charge is still currently airing.

What would also be cool is if they'll release a pre-ZyuRanger season (Liveman and Jetman are AWESOME), and maybe even a Non-Sentai Tokusatsu. How about Kamen Rider BLACK and RX. I'm sure some people who've watched Masked Rider might be interested to see the original Japanese version with a better alternative than those rubbish HK Bootleg subs.. Maybe a subbed version of Metalder and Spielban would be cool!!


Dairangers would be a good Sentai series for Shout Factory to bring over. It might cause a demand for a American made Dairangers movie. :D


Dairangers would be a good Sentai series for Shout Factory to bring over. It might cause a demand for a American made Dairangers movie. :D

Hell no. If history has taught us something is american remakes suck.

But yes, if something deserves a DVD after Zyuranger, it is Dairanger.


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Kamen Rider Shin, ZO, and J 3Pk...along with the Kamen Rider World Short.

Kamen Rider Black/Black RX featuring RX Run All Over the World Special.


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well so far they're releasing in order so why not leave it at that, and no offense to shout factory but they're not exactly my first pick to do a sub release for Any Kamen Rider


I vote they keep going in order moving ahead from the MMAR source series. I would love to see all the
Power Rangers source shows here. That would get Go Busters and the train series over which were
skipped by Saban so I say continue in order with the Zeo source show next.

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I third/fourth (whichever slot isn't taken) the "just keep going in order" attitude, altho I hope their release of Kakuranger has the same amount of extensive translation notes as GUIS' fansub did. That's something that worries me--in my experience official releases tend to be too formal/literal and don't care about meaning or nuance which is why I still like to have fansubs in addition to the official set--so I hope Shout goes above and beyond the call for that one.

Also I actually would love to own Carranger when they get to it. Dappu is awesome.


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All I want is for Shout Factory to eventually release the Movies and VS Specials. Though, I'm not sure which would be more realistic to do... I don't mind buying single disc sets of each movie, but it would be nice if they could bundle a bunch of them in one box set. If I remember correctly, Toei did this with the DVD release of a lot of their older Super Sentai movies. Even if they have to purchase separate legal rights for these movies, there is still just as much a market for it as the TV series they come from.

I don't ask for much. While the Toku fandom has a few completionists that want every little thing, we really don't need that much. We don't need non-canon stuff done for kicks and giggles like the Hyper Battle Videos that Kamen Rider usually does. We don't need toy commercials. We don't need a lot of things. But I don't think asking for the major titles like the Movies and the VS Specials is too much to ask for.

Outside of Super Sentai, it would be nice if Shout Factory could reach out to Saban and Toei so that we can get even more stuff. I'd like to see Kamen Rider Black RX, B-Fighter, Metalder, etc. If Saban made an adaption of it, why not reach for it? Not sure if they could bring us Ryuki, though... It is one of Toei's shows, but Saban didn't make the adaption.


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What would I like? In an ideal world, I wish Shout Factory was a little bit like Funimation or Viz so they could dub the shows for DVD. But since we are talking a very niche market, I would settle for the dubs that already do exist, alongside their Japanese tracks. Sure some of the dubs are notroiously a bit corny, but I really like them, though I only watched Bioman's and Solbrain's dub.
-Bioman with the English dub. Maybe release the Bioman Saban pilot as a bonus feature.
-Turboranger's English Canadian dub.
-Dynaman, with its comedic Night Flight dub as a special feature.

But outside of those, Sun Vulcan [if they could get the Marvel as a special feature if it still exists, that would be cool] and the Marvel era of Sentai, maybe even partnering with Marvel for a Supaidaman release for a few things as well as Battle Fever J. Outside of that era, it has to be Flashman, Maskman, Changeman and Jetman. I really want to see why Brazilians really love these shows enough that they literally were Brazil's equivalent of MMPR back in the 80's and 90's in terms of popularity.

The Sentai I truly really want to come here are Gingaman, GoGoFive, Carranger ,Abaranger, Hurricanger, Dekaranger and Ohranger, since they incredibly differ from their American versions in tone or story, if not both. Their footage was in my favorite Power Rangers seasons as well.

For shows, Solbrain [with dub], Spielvan, and anything Kamen Rider related from Black to Faiz. I would definitely go and buy Kamen Rider Kuuga because its one of the strongest Rider shows I've seen. And the entire B-Fighter franchise, if possible.
Yeah, I think they are just going in order, which means next year we could see Carranger and Megaranger. I'll be really excited if we can actually get Gaoranger myself.

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