General Discussion Which Rocky is your favorite?

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Rocky IV for me with the Russian is my ultimate favorite. I am curious what you all think of your favorite. I know Rocky I won the oscar for best picture but it's a close second to Rocky IV in my opinion.

Oh by the way, another one is coming out soon. You heard it here.


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I watched the first Rocky movie, and none of the others, so I guess that has to count as my favorite one.
However, I really like Stallone in several other movies, I am just not a big fan of fighting or boxing movies.
Now, laugh at me, because one of my favorite Stallone movies is Demolition Man, which is totally violent, probably a lot more than Rocky was.
But to me, it was just such a great variety of action, humor, and wrapped up in an exciting plot, that I really enjoy it every time I watch it.


My favorite Rocky was the first one, it was a really good movie, a well told story and I have seen it quite a few times. I can't say I liked the others as much, but I have seen them as well.