May 15, 2006
Really? Hmmm... Maybe I should give it a second chance. Did anyone other than TV-Nihon ever sub the first series?

I watched GomenRider's fansub, and it left me with a much better viewing experience than the TV-Nihon subs did, especially because Garo is a show where you have to pay a lot of attention to the things that are explained.

Go to and search for "GomenRider"
The torrent is still alive.
He basically ripped the TV-Nihon subs, and made them flow better, and translated a lot of the words that were left untranslated in the original sub.
I would compare it to Over-Time/Aesir level.

Btw. if you gave up early on the show and wanna know how good it can actually be when its REALLY good, then watch episode 12.
It basically tells the story of Kouga's past, and its IMO an example of a perfectly written Garo episode.
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