Which Animation Company did the BEST animation for DCAU-Timmverse Shows?

May 18, 2005
Based on my research there were 5 main companies that Timm's team used (TMS, Koko , Dong Yang, DR Movie)

it's fascinating cause for many years I thought 'WB animation' logos meant the crews were Americans.

Yes, Bruce Timm, His team, and the writers crafted the tone, the characters and Andrea Romano the voice director worked with the voice actors etc.,

but the Japanese & Korean animation crews that 'make' the animation beautiful and come alive.

Some of the best Batman:TAS, Superman, TNBA, Batman Beyond episodes/movies that we all know i see now were animated by TMS.

It's also interesting to see the transition from painting & drawing type animation to the use of CGI animation. it became more apparent in the latter seaosn 2 episodes of Batman Beyond

Batman: TAS episodes were typically really good looking animation wise. Even today with the remastered blu rays - the animation looks beautiful.

Very few episodes looked bad and even when they did look less good than the better animated eps, the show maintained its mature tone.

by the time they got to Superman: TAS, TNBA and Batman Beyond things had changed.

I still to this day enjoy the character re-designs for TNBA but i think TMS was the best at animating TNBA.

The best TNBA episodes were animated by TMS. The other TNBA episodes had very 'FLAT' looking animation that was typical of '90s animation that hasn't aged very well.

Superman: TAS episodes however looked good either way. the TMS animated episodes of Superman look really good but the other episodes that had that 'flat' look don't look too bad at all on the Superman Series

take for example the two-parter 'legacy' when Superman defeats Darksied on Apokolips. Its a good two parter episode..

but when applied to the TNBA episodes like "Sins of the Father"

however, Batman Beyond was worked on by Koko i think and some episodes had that FLAT look and it looked good on Batman Beyond.

Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker was made by TMS and it looks amazing.

It seemed like when they got to do Justice League, Bruce Timm & his team and the animation Korean/Japanese companies finally 'perfected' the style that started with Superman TAS and ofcourse the 'mature' story telling took on another level.
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Apr 7, 2012
I’m glad you’re getting a chance to research the Timmverse! There’s a lot of great storytelling in it, and it’s cool when you get to learn some of how it came together.

The creative team did some stuff in house and sent the rest out to other animation studios for both budgetary and scheduling reasons.

My personal favorites are TMS and Dong Yang. I love the precision of TMS and the fluidity of Dong Yang.

There are tons of articles online about which episodes they were happy with and which they were not. I think you’d really like to check them out.

Here’s one from IGN on Batman Beyond. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ig...assic-that-nobody-wanted-inside-stories?amp=1