Anne Frank is the face of the World War II victims. She is the voice of the civilians who just want to live their lives but got involved because of bigotry. For two years, Her family lived in a secret Annex while hoping the Jewish people will be liberated from the Nazis. Unfortunately, a Snitch directed the Nazis where they hide days before the Allied forces liberated the Netherlands.
Where is Anne Frank? Is an Animated Cannes film festival entry. Many of us learned about Anne Frank during History and English Classes. We get to read her diary so we can see how people suffered during the second world war. Anne named her diary, Kitty. She shares everything she had been through both happy and sad to this imaginary friend.
 Meanwhile, as Anne shares her joys and sorrows the world is going through a world war. Anne...

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Julia Voth Fan

Residence of Evil
Speaking on Anne Frank, they finally found out who betrayed her. The person is also a Jew and he was forced to snitched or its his family who will be sent to the concentration camps.


Resident Bronteroc
Kitty is Anne's imaginary friend right? The name of her diary. I hope this animated movie will help people remember Anne's legacy. There are now some crazy people making conspiracy theories she don't exist.