Where do you work?

Damn, this thread is making me depressed.

Alot of people have a purpose in life, mine is to do diddly **** during the week and do Shakespeare for free on the weekends....


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Janitorial Services.. I mean Custodian... with side work for lawn mowing services... :laugh:


If all things work out, I'm going to be starting school next month (Junior College). I'm thinking about majoring in mass communications, but that's just one of the MANY things I'm interested in.

As of right now, I'm unemployed. We're (my family and I), are trying to start up a family business, and hopefully things start moving along soon! I'm hoping to get an interview today with the 'Enterprise Rent-a-Car' business as an Auto Prep. & and detailing employee. So wish me luck people! :D

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Starting one of two jobs with campus ITS next month. One's a definite, the other.....

Well the guy wants to interview me, and I told him that I'd be available the Friday of the week he asked me. He couldn't make that day because he was off, so I told him that I'd be available the week after next due to a family vacation. Never responded to that email or the one I sent him yesterday, so I'm gonna go down there and see what's up.

If all things work out, I'm going to be starting school next month (Junior College). I'm thinking about majoring in mass communications

Sorry to break it to you, but that major has the highest unemployment rate at the moment.


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Currently a student in university, at the end of my study abroad in Japan. Currently I work at an English school once a week for 2 hours. (one class is basic English for elementary schoolers, the other class is a conversation class for adults, which includes a few high school students)

Back in the USA I've worked at a department school since I was 16. When I entered university it turned into just a winter and summer break job.


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currently im a student waiting to start university in september, as for where i work, i work in a supermarket for 17 hours a week stacking shelves and changing the prices of the products however the latter requires me to be there for 7 AM saturday morning which heavily restricts my friday evening activities :disappoin


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Well, I guess I should say, I am paid to write things. (Here, it's all free! You guys are getting a major deal!)

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I am an intern architect, been working for a small firm for about 10 months now. I mostly do drafting on the computer for multiple projects as well as setting up presentation boards for meetings. Its good experience, but im not getting paid as much as I should, so I'm looking for other options.

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I work at Bank of America while I also tutor people in learning Portuguese and french on the side. I still take creative writing classes in the vain hope getting better writing english and one day becoming a comedy writer but I keep seeing that each day becoming bleaker and bleaker but hell, it makes me more crotchety and angry inside so it evens out :p