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Jul 30, 2014
So, those of you who remember me might remember that a year or two ago I was trying really hard to get all three volumes of Dairugger XV, the Japanese version of Vehicle Voltron, with Volume 3 being redonkulously rare to the point of practically not existing (even some ebay storeowners I talked to thought it was never released).

.... I now own all three volumes of both Dairugger and Go Lion.

Actually, funny story about how I got Dairugger XV volume 3. This volume practically never turns up, and when it does it usually goes for $100-$250...

On a whim I looked on Amazon one day, and Half-Price Books had put it up for sale for TWENTY DOLLARS.

I immediately jumped on it, the whole time thinking it was gonna be a bootleg or a mis-listing, like I thought it would turn out to actually be volume one or something... nope, it was volume 3, and it was a legitimate printing.

Let this bring you hope. even in this world of collector mentality, deals still happen.

I only wish I could somehow help these shows become more common, cuz ya gotta imagine there's some nostalgic Japanese people who really want to see these again and America alone got uncut volumes.

I'll take pictures and upload them later.
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Sep 26, 2019
I'm getting Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) on DVD and own up to Master Quest. Diamond And Peral Part 1 recently released.

With Super Ninja Steel owned on DVD currently am freed up to fill in the Toei line and the Anime. I figure in 2020 to fill the Anime in.