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Feb 15, 2005
That'll just make it cost even more as you'd have to pay shipping plus proxy costs for every single VHS. Why do you want VHS in the first place?

The reason why I wanted VHS in the first place is solely because of it's cheapness. Here in England you can find various 2nd hand VHS tapes at ludicrously cheap prices. I thought this would be the same in Japan. In addition, I brought a lot of Retro video games from Japan on EBay at wonderful prices.

I find it odd that you're saying buying VHS tapes is more expensive.

So.. basically will the VHS tape that I'm buying still be cheap but the shipping and proxy cost be the one that's expensive?

Another question... about Yahoo Auctions.

Are they all auction only or can you buy stuff straight away?

Are VHS players even in production anymore?
Yes actually. I spotted a VHS+DVD Combi player being sold new in a local shop being sold at a rather disappointingly expensive price.
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Feb 6, 2011
You'll go broke on shipping them due to weight.