Music What's the song you'd want to hear right before you die?

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We all have favorite songs and songs that get us in different moods. One time, one of my friends asked me what is the last song I'd like to hear in my life, as I fade away. I give him credits for this question, then. My answer was "First Day of My Life" (oh, yes, irony) because... I just like how calm it is, and smooth, and simple and full of emotions. It makes it beautiful for me and very real, I cannot imagine wanting to die with something different. I feel like I could give this song one last listen with a smile and feel like I'd just close my eyes and sleep it off.

What is the last song you'd want to have in your life?


What a tricky question! I couldn't say for certain but my grandma has this figured out already - she wants to die to "Madame Butterfly". Quite a nice choice really, although not for me.
Wow, a scary thought but I would probably have to choose Beethoven's Symphony No.5. It's so beautiful and full of passion. It's the last piece I would definitely like to hear.


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I change my tastes in songs all the time. I would be hard pressed to pick a song that would be fitting even if I were to die today. What a depressing thought. I don't know if I have ever actually heard a song that summed up my feelings and experience of life?

The only song I have been listening to a lot lately is Moonsorrow Jotunheim it is rather poetic lyrically. I think why I like it is it is not sung in English so you get a sense of the emotion just from the sound of the music and words. In short it is about how the world is timeless but always changing.