What's the Best Superman Figure?

Keith Justice

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LOVED Legion of Super Heroes the DCAU cartoon.

Now I need a Superman.

What's the best looking one to you? I think I'm down to the DC Universe Classic Superman and the Superman/Batman Public Enimies Superman.

I want a Supes that's not TOO ugly buff, but more slender and heroic like the dude in the cartoon.

Any thoughts?

Keith Justice

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Think it's between these two...
An actual figure or like a statue? Because if you want a pose able figure of superman that isn't super muscles mcgee... I don't know of very many lol. The top three for me would be the DC Direct Superman, followed by the 5 Pack/ All Star Superman from series 12 and lastly JLA series 1 Superman. I don't have any pictures but a quick google search should lead you to some nice photos. Hope it helps.

Gold Samurai

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All Star Superman. The overly muscular figure looks weird to me. I like the barrel chested Kansas farm boy look.


-Spider-man 1 movie figure. The best spider-man figure i've ever owned

-Revoltech Iron Man mark 6. Lots of articulation

-Movie Masters The Dark Knight

-All Star superman.


There's some imperfections in it but it makes a good statue

Articulation is limited and I think the one I bought is loop sided or that's the way it was meant to look.

The \S/ isn't straight on the chest
^ I don't like the All Star Superman figure because of his wrists actually. That is such a weird and awkward way to have your hands while at your side, or any time for that matter. Lol.


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I have the DCUC All-Star Superman pictured above, and I think it's a fine figure. For the price point, I'd say it's a pretty good choice.