General Discussion What Xbox One or Playstation 4 title are you most excited for?

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I am getting the Xbox One on launch and am very excited to play
Project Spark. The Idea of creating your own open world video game
with mechanics of your choice and full character creation is a lot for me to be
excited about. You can also make your games public and let people add to them or
improve them. There is also team building but you don't have to be on at the same time to do this.
Truly amazing. What games are you psyched up for?


Watch Dogs. A highly anticipated game by many people including me because the gameplay and trailer video was fantastic. You can control literally any object towards your advantage. Also, the graphics presented definitely deserves a shoutout as well.

Another recent PS4 exclusive was Rime. The art style looked similar to the Zelda series and the music reminded me of the games I used to play in the past. This indie game will be my next favorite Spyro.


I'm looking forward to three games - Killzone, DriveClub, and Kingdom Hearts. KillZone promises to be the best in the series with upgraded graphics and more epic battles. DriveClub looks to go toe to toe with Gran Turismo 6 and Kingdom Hearts 3 (though a cross platform game) will definitely bring a smile to my face with Disney and Final Fantasy characters merging together in one big game.