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Audio books are becoming more and more popular these due to its ease of use, convenience and high portability. But do you get the same amount satisfaction from audio books as printed ones?

Personally I don’t like audio books as I never get same amount of happiness while listening to books. While reading books it takes me to a world of imagination which seldom happens in audio books. I sometimes take a pause from reading books and imagine the characters in the book i.e. how they look like and how they react on various situations.

But audio book is a better option while traveling. Reading books on the move is not good for your eyes.

What is your favorite mode of reading – printed or audio books?


I have tried the audio book using a headset and I’d say it’s a good innovation especially for the oldsters with failing eyesight. But for me, I still go for the traditional reading material, be it books or magazines. I especially like to read when it is time for sleeping because reading makes my eyes tired and droopy that I easily sleep after a short time. However, I appreciate the audio books when traveling because it takes away the boredom of being seated for a long time, be it in the bus, train or plane.


Audio books would be an ideal choice when one is driving. Often long trips can be very boring and even the radio gets old. Also, they might be good for short trips as finding time to read is difficult, but people are always in their car going to work etc. Finally, audio books would be good for bus rides because reading in a moving vehicle can often cause nausea.

Can anyone think of some other uses? Note, generally I prefer printed books, except in the above situations.

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