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If you finished Timeranger (Subbed or not) then you'll know Yuuri and co. are now sent back to the year 3000, but Tatsuya ends up on his own with no way to see them again (The Sentai Special that aired a week after the finale don't count, since for me it's set a few episodes before the final battle).

Gaoranger on the other hand still ended on a good ending since in the ending credits of the final episode, they all got together again.

So now this lead to this What Would Have Been- Had Gao VS Time happened, what would you do to give Tatsuya a happy ending? And how the whole crossover movie would have went?

Mine would go like this:

  • A new enemy from the Org Side would surface, who is much more powerful than Senki, Hyakkimaru and Rakushaasa combined (The said three also get resurrected in this crossover). The enemy? Org Emperor Buritenhaus.
  • Tatsuya/Time Red turns to the evil side by Buritenhaus on the false assumption that Buritenhaus will pull Yuuri and co. away from the year 3000 (They do come, but only because something wrong happens in the year 2002), with Buritenhaus giving Tatsuya an evil Chrono Changer to become Time Dark (Time Red but with black accents, ala Gedou Shinken Red).
  • Naoto is resurrected from the dead, also under Buritenhaus' control. Both him and Tatsuya are later brought back to the side of good from Yuuri and GaoGod/Futaro.
  • Buritenhaus, with Tatsuya and maybe Naoto, would resurrect TsueTsue, Yabaiba, Rouki, and Gien as well as free Dolnero and Lira from the future.
  • The Canon Immigrant status on both Sentai for the Time Force and Wild Force Battlitzers (now called the Time Red Chrono Armor and Gao Red Animaria Armor, respectively), ala the Dekared Battlizer in Magi VS Deka.
  • The never before seen GaoKing Shadow (Gaoking wears Time Shadow as armor) and Riding GaoHunter (GaoHunter riding V-Rex Robo). Yes, I did read somewhere that had it happened, Time Shadow would combine with GaoKing in some way.
  • A happy ending for Tatsuya and Yuuri (read: Yuuri opts to stay in the year 2002).

What would be your take on Gao VS Time had it happened? comment away!

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