What would happen if Marvel cancelled most of their mainstream comic books....

and shrunk the number of comic ongoing titles that they'll put out to thirteen? And soon after that, what happens if you were to choose which type of ongoings are release? Also, what kinds of story content would you want those thirteen books to have?

The Amazing Spider-Man - "The Amazing Spider-Man" will be a Spider-Man/Peter Parker centric title.

Deadpool - 'Nuff said on how that comic'll run.

The Fantastic Four - Stories that have to do with the Fantastic Four will (in edition to them) feature their own cast of characters...ranging from their families, friends and foes.

The Avengers - The "Avengers" comic will mostly show the standard superhero team stories like before and bring in and star core classic Marvel Comics characters who currently don't have any comic titles of their own.

The Uncanny X-Men - This comic book title can be where ALL the X-Men related characters go to. The comic will not only have stories mainly centered on the newest, largest roster of X-Men, but it'll also feature back up stories that stars non-affiliated X-Men characters and groups such as The Heartbreak Kid (not to be confused with Shawn Michaels, formerly "The Heartbreak Kid"), Adam Berman, Peace Monger and The Resistants among others.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Guardians of the Galaxy'll have the same over all premise as the previous GotG installments.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - That comic book title will contain stories that more or less mirror those seen in the 2013 TV series. Also, the book will heavily feature the Marvel 616 versions of the AoS cast of characters past and present.

Marvel Premiere - The new volume of the comic would showcase brand new characters for the Marvel landscape.

Marvel Spotlight - The comic could serve as something that'll shone the spotlight directly towards any Marvel characters. Known or unknown. Popular or obscure. Famous or infamous.

Marvel Feature - The book will bring to the table original stories featuring westerns, romantic dramas, comedies and any other type of stories not having to do with the superhero flare in the mix.

Adventure...into Fear! - A comic re-introducing the eerie, scary side of the Marvel Universe with various supernatural characters going to heart racing, nerve racking and bone chilling locations. Places that seem like the stuff of nightmares come to life.

Not Brand Echh - A series that'll funnily cap off the zany adventures of Forbush Man.

Star Wars - It will be a "Star Wars" comic book that features and focuses mainly on the main SW series cast with back features of other characters who're not in anyway connected to the main overall plot of the Disney franchise let alone any main story arcs that only highlight someone such as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Note: This hypothetical scenario only applies to the Marvel Comics imprint line, not anything that have to do with other comic book imprints that are in any way connected to Marvel Comics (examples being Icon Comics and Infinite Comics). By-the-way, this scenario here is based on one of daBronzeBomma's threads that in the DC CBR subforum.

Also, also, as far as anything that have to do with one-shots, mini-series, maxi-series and OGNs are concerned....the choice is yours on which of those and how many you want to put out. In my case, I'd put out Spider-Man/Deadpool maxis and What if minis with more to come soon.

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