Tech What types of forum do you visit?

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What types of forums do you normally visit? (general chat, resources, advertising, etc.)

Which is your favorite genre?


I mainly visit sports forums. For one thing, I actually own a sports forum, so I guess it makes sense. I am not just talking about my forum though. I go on a few different sports forums each day, so I guess sports is my favorite forum genre. My next favorite would probably be the promotion forum genre. I am on quite a few promotion forums.


All kinds of forums. I'm most active on Tech, Sports and Politics forums, but I also visit few so-called "General" forums although this difference between forums is getting thinner.


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I visit forums that are close to my heart. I like forums on gaming, movies, motherhood/parenthood and pets. I particularly like this forum because it is a general forum where we can discuss anything. Spending some time in forums day after day keeps me updated and it is also a good way to pass time.


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I like forums that give me leads on how to make money. I checkout one forum for mystery shopping and one on how to work online.


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I generally like ones with a strong gaming and technology community (don't necessarily have to be gaming or technology forums, though.) Community is the biggest thing though, I can't stand forums where the only posters are from people doing exchanges or something.
The forums I visit the most relate to martial arts, fighting, and exercise. Besides that, I look for interesting topics on general forums, whether it's current events or science or music related, it varies.


I normally visit technology and gaming forums. I love to keep up to date with what's happening in the gaming world. I want to keep up with the latest when it comes to gadgets especially with Apple and Samsung.

I also love visiting forums that give tips about making money. I get a lot of useful information from these forums.


I love general discussion forums. General meaning that every topic is available to discuss, including this one. It's a good example of forums that I frequently like to post on since there are so many questions available to answer. Not to mention, that it includes all the other aspects such as technology, gaming, sports, and so on.
I often visit forums about books and relationship. I am a vivid reader, and reading has been one of my favorite hobbies. I wish there are more forums about books.

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