What should the "W/OOO/Fourze" Era should be called?


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This is based off the discussion from HJU 30.

Showa/Ishinomori Era - Ichigo to J
Heisei/Post Ishinomori - Kuuga to Decade

...and then?


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After Decade makes it sound like this era came after a great hecatomb or something but whatever, its the best choice :laugh:
The Next Decade.
I'm serious.
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I like Fall Heisei, as it makes it immediately clear what you're talking about. IMO that's a lot more important in a discussion than what sounds cool.

(For some reason my brain also goes to "New Decade" almost immediately. But it's not an option on the poll.)


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So either After Decade (A.D.) or The Next Decade.

Those are the best ones. But A.D. sounds cooler.

The year is 20XX A.D...After Decade...

...and Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes...all of the Henshin Heroes...now appear in the same plain of existence...and evil shall be destroyed by the Toei Logo:laugh:

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Neo Heisei sounded cool but then I heard about A.D. (After Decade) and thought that sounded awesome. Then some amazing person said "The Next Decade" and my vote was cast.


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Hmmmm....I dunno really Epic Awesomeness? Heh heh...I kid. Either way I've really loved the past and current one to describe as thus.