What sentai counterparts would you like to have for Kamen Rider?

From the way I see some of the KR series:

Goranger - Kamen Rider Ichigo & Nigo
Magiranger - Kamen Rider Wizard
Shinkenger - Kamen Rider Gaim (except it had also knights, Chinese dynasty warriors & gladiators, etc.)
Turboranger, Carranger, GoGoV & Go-Onger - Kamen Rider Drive
Flashman & Megaranger - Kamen Rider Fourze
Liveman, Gingaman & Gaoranger - Kamen Rider OOO
JAKQ - Kamen Rider Blade


MV Maker
I went with military. I like it when the gimmicks resemble something practical (like Faiz, but better executed).
Second place would go to Martial arts (though didn't Hibiki already cover that? Just sayin').
Also, a full-on Ninja rider would be awesome.


I liked him when he wasn't a god
We're talking purely about the immediate visual motif of the series? I'd consider Drive closer to Dekaranger, for instance, because of the police procedural setup ...


I'd like a fighter jet theme (Jetman), since I really love watching them in tv shows and movies. Would be really cool to have a (main) Kamen Rider with mini-wings like Jetman who can fly. Maybe with a motorcycle (to keep with the Kamen Rider legacy of having bikes) which can attach to a plane (like in Ultraman X).

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