What PR season should I watch?

Which season should i watch?

  • Zeo

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • Turbo 1st half

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • Turbo 2nd half

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • In Space

    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • Lost Galaxy

    Votes: 6 27.3%
  • Lightspeed Rescue

    Votes: 5 22.7%

  • Total voters


Hey guys, so I can't decide which SABAN season of PR I should watch, there are so many that are good, so i was wondering if you guys could help me, which season do you think I should watch? No Wild Force, Time Force, or MMPR.


THanks guys, I left out Time Force because I already know it's one of the best and people would automatically choose that. :laugh:


Some kind of Beast mode
I feel your pain man :disappoin

What's cooler, a dude that can fuse with a giant bull or a dude in gold armor that has a freakin PYRAMID for a zord?
Thaaank you. Pyramid Pyramid!

Though the way you put it, they both sound Great. :laugh: I love LG, but J all I'm sayin is watch Zeo first. lol

Blazing Tiger

Like a Tiger boss
I gotta go with Zeo on this. Zeo to me as bad as it didn't have any ending was so good. One of my faves. Its amazing. <3


I loved Zeo, but I'm going with Lost Galaxy. Lost Galaxy was really good. I going to admit that the ending for Lost Galaxy got me a little teary eyed.