What Power Rangers Shows Are Closest To Their Super Task Force Counterparts?


What Generations of the 17 (So Far) Power Rangers Shows do you guys feel
have been the closest to their Toei counterparts?

Me -

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta
Power Rangers Samurai


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never seen all of Time Force, but I did complete Timeranger and by reading episode summaries and looking at screenshots... Time Force was basically a carbon copy of Timeranger with mild changes such as a new head villain, Yellow's gender and Quantum Ranger's fate in the ending. Ryuya (Alex's Japanese counterpart) was also a manipulative asshole compared to his American counterpart.

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Samurai's first half seems pretty carbon-copy-y, too, to the point of crediting Yasuko Kobayashi in the post-intro-credits.


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I may be speaking from an area of lack of expertise, but I would've thought Time Force & Mystic Force were the closest.

Heck, Mystic Force had to have been the first PR finale since... possibly ever that actively tried to utilize the Sentai finale in it's plot.


I'm not a Power Rangers fan (only seen a few episodes of a few series here and there), but aren't Mystic Force's characters all different from Magi?


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Yeah, but despite the changes they HAD to make in concession of the different characters & the battlizer, it's still a fairly similar plot. I know Overdrive had different villains & narrowed down the plot to concern a specific treasure, Jungle Fury disregarded the entire point of Gekiranger & SPD had a main villain & generalized plot, but Mystic Force, characters aside, is roughly the same plot.


3 weeks ago on May 10th I just got Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Power Rangers Dino Thunder so here's my run -

Mighty Morphin Pwer Rangers - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Complete)
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Episode 15)
Power Rangers Time Force (Episode 17)
Power Rangers Wild Force (Episode 12)
Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Episode 19)
Power Rangers Dino Thunder (Episode 20)

Due Up -

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta
Power Rangers Mystic Force
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Power Rangers RPM

Hopefully I can finish up set 3 (Lightspeed to Dino Thunder) Before the last
5 ship in. I'll order this up in Late June at the earliest.


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Mighty Morphin'- Only the Green With Evil plot uses the Burai plot, albeit toned down and in a different context.
Zeo-Nothing to see here.
Turbo-Same as Zeo.
In Space- completely the opposite of Megaranger.
Lost Galaxy- a genre flipped Gingaman with major In Space influences.
Lightspeed Rescue-GoGo Five's sibling plot is carried over with Ryan and the Pink Ranger. Demons are kept the same.
Time Force- Same as Timeranger save for differences.
Wild Force- Same as Time Force.
Ninja Storm-Different.
Dino Thunder-Different.
SPD- not really sure, but maybe different.
Mystic Force-Magiranger parents' plot only applies to Bowen.
Overdrive- All focus is on the five jewels, and not random artifacts.
Jungle Fury-Same as Ninja Storm
RPM- Same as Turbo and Ninja Storm.
Samurai- Shinkenger and an actually average Power Rangers mashed together.
Megaforce- don't really know.
Samurai. The running joke for that season among viewers, was that the "writers" just hit Google translate for the scripts...:p

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