What Other Kamen Riders Are Expected To Be Adapted After Dragon Knight?

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Well, I know it's a bit early to talk about future project by Adness Entertainment, but I am just a bit curious about how well the success of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will have on any other particular Kamen Riders.

So my question is that if Dragon Knight is successful, what other Kamen Riders do you expect to be adapted by Adness Entertainment and why.

don't be shy, just tell us what you think.


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the rumor for blade came out around a year ago. i have heard hints at 555. but yeah. WE HAVE TO MAKE DRAGON KNIGHT SUCCEED FIRST!!!


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I honestly can't wait for Kiva, i know it's a long way but still.

I wanna audition for them

I should be set by then

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They could turn it into like a sequil, and maybe reuse some of the same cast

that actually makes a lot of sense, change scares children,i'm sure all of you will watch KRDK but the producers will want to get as many new viewers as possibile, if you see a kid mock it calling it You Know What. instead of making fun of the bastard show him the difference and how more awesome it is compared to you know what.

but back to the point.

i'm sure they will reuse some characters from dragon knight before moving on to a differnt cast every year.

my two cents.


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I hate Kabuto, but I think if they adapted it they could do a better job than the original. If I had to pick which would be most likely I would say Blade just cause they could use the card theme again. If I got to pick which one I personally would want, I would go with Faiz.


They'll probably just continue in the same order as the original series, but maybe skipping the ones that are harder to adapt.


There's one issue confusing me about this... When they're using stock footage over five years old (I know it's only a small amount of stock footage) isn't it going to look seriously outdated and obvious? Even the series from three years ago look very dated now.


I say Faiz, then Kabuto, then Kiva. Skip Den-O because it'd be really hard to make sense of the Imajin without reference to their original myths, which wouldn't be understood. Skip Blade because, well, the belts were HUGE! Skip Hibiki because...yeah, we all know why.


Hopefully when KRDK becomes successful this would be the order of adaption.

-Kamen Rider Blade

-Maybe...Kamen Rider Hibiki

-Kamen Rider Kabuto

-Kamen Rider Den-O

-Kamen Rider Kiva

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