Tech What kind of computer do you own?

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I'll start with mine :)
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.83 GHz, 1 GB of RAM

It's around 9 years old and yes it's very slow nowadays.


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I've got a Mac but rarely use it if I'm honest, I prefer my samsung lap top with windows 7.. Windows 7 for me always!


I do not know all of the technical details, but I have an HP Compaq CQ2014 desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium. I think it is a decent computer.


I've got a Macbook and a Windows 7 laptop in which i use both for separate things and different software which isn't available on one or the other. Or also software which I don't want to pay out to put onto my mac as well, like Photoshop. I can only use Logic Pro on my Mac though.


I built my first PC about a year ago, and I plan on continuing to do so since it's a great learning experience, and the cost is cheaper. I built this dedicated to gaming, but I felt I could have done better. Anyways, it was my first time building one, and I was completely new to it, so don't blame me :). Currently, my specs are -
Radeon 7850
i5 2500K

Those are basically the core components, I really didn't need the i5 because I didn't overclock it, and it wasn't necessary.


I own a really, really, really, really, really bad computer. It's a wonder I can even write that many reallys without crashing my pc.


I will proudly say that I own a beast -
Intel i7 processor
8 GB Ram
Nividia GTX Titan
2 TB Hard Disk


I bought mine 6yr ago for most gaming purposes but as I then start to use more the console for this matter, never changed the specs that much and don't even feel the need to.

C2D @ 2.66ghz
3 GB Ram
Gefore 8800 GTS 640mb ed
1TB WD Black edition


I'm currently using a MacBook Pro, but I also have a Windows 7 Toshiba laptop which I use Photoshop and non-internet software on for college/uni work as such. I only use my MacBook for the internet and Logic Pro 9.


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Got my best buddy. My Asus Laptop. Intel i7 processor. Windows7. 250GB Harddrive. Also, my desktop is a Dell.
I own a Macbook laptop, which I bought it back in 2003. It works great, although I only use it for research and typing. I am surprised it lasts that long because I have been using it everyday for 10 years.

Kelly Hartman

I have so many, it's like I collect computers... Part of being a pack rat, I suppose.

Primary desktop at the moment: a Mac Mini (2013 1TB version)
Primary desktop back home: custom build AMD Phenom IIx6, what I nicknamed the "Aperture Science Time Waster" because of a Portal theme. Windows 7 ultimate, 8gb ram, GeForce GTX 560 with factory overclock, and a blu-ray drive (though since it came from an earlier HP build, no free software).

Primary laptop: a late 2008 black Macbook. I specifically sought out the black style, and had to replace the battery and adapter, and order Snow Leopard from Apple.
Former laptop: an HP POS. It was the first computer I bought solely on my own, and it turned out to have a horrible design flaw- no cooling except for the AC exhaust fan. The thing ran 80 degrees at idle.


The one I'm using is a black thing with a screen and it's fast and that's all I know or care about lol. I pride myself on my brain until it comes to this stuff lol.
The one I'm using is a black thing with a screen and it's fast and that's all I know or care about lol. I pride myself on my brain until it comes to this stuff lol.
A black thing with a screen? Do you know the name of the brand? Is it an HP or Dell?

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