What is going to be the closing of Stone Ocean?

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The most closing themes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure had always been Western English songs.  Usually, the songs are either from the decade the Manga was made or the Year the Manga was set. Jolene Cujoh’s imprisonment happened in the year 2011. So most likely Araki might use a song from the last decade, the 2010s.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 6 Stone Ocean is coming to Netflix this December.  Some fans also suggest Girls just want to have fun because it’s the first female-centric Jojo Anime but that song is from the 80s. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong also has fan support because of some spoilers about the end.
Many fans kept suggesting Jolene by Dolly Parton because the main heroine is named Jolyne.
You can see the comment section of the official Youtube upload of the song is flooded by Jojo references.  I can see Dolly Parton being confused by getting tweets from people with Anime Avatars a month from now.

Hirohiko Araki might be 61 years old but he did...

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