What is going on with Konami?

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Konami use to be one of the most beloved video game companies because it made a lot of beloved games.  There are many franchises  under the mantle of this company like :
Silent Hill
Metal Gear Solid
Dance Dance Revolution
and Many more.
Everything was doing well on this company until they fired Hideo Kojima.  Kojima was responsible for making the Metal Gear Solid Franchise the icon that it is. Fans were Excited when Kojima was working on the reboot of the Silent Hill franchise titled Silent  Hills. It’s demo P.T  was influential on the development of Resident evil 7 and Resident evil VILLAGE. People want to buy that game but Konami cancelled the project because  the company decided to concentrate on Mobile games.  There is more money in Mobile Games, so I understand why they want that market but cancelling projects that their fans wanted alienated  the gaming community.  Their Mobile games never had the success and hype of their AAA console...
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