What in the world are those yellow pieces in the DaiTenku Origami for?


I've been trying to look everywhere...I think Kabuto, Kajiki, and Tora Origami were the ones to each come with this weird yellow piece and I still have no idea what in the world they're for? Am I missing something obvious? :shakefist


now Nerd Emperor
It's a "support piece" for Shishi Origami since the poor thing takes on a lot of weight in Kabuto ShinkenOh, Kajiki ShinkenOh, and Tora ShinkenOh. Also for safety reason, I think... since you could accidentally hurt your fingers.....?


It doesn't do anything for DaiKaiShinkenOh too, does it? Ebi Origami connecting to Shishi Origami isn't the most secure thing in the world...

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