What if...mutants never existed?

What if there was an earth in the Marvel Multiverse called Earth-100? ...An earth where mutants never existed (a world with no Magneto, no Prof. X, no Externals, Apocalypse, etc)? Would someone like Namor had just been a human/atlantean hybrid as oppose to being a human/atlantean/mutant hybrid? What would happen if Franklin Richards was never in this scenario and instead, his non-powered sister, Valeria, had been the first born child of Reed and Sue Richards (and she was born human like her mainstream counterpart)? And about aliens like Cadre K? Would the universe be better off without them and all mutant skrulls too? What would happened if The Celestials never deliberately destabilized Deviant DNA (which would result in the Deviant race not having to go through mutations for eons end)? If The Avengers and other non-mutant heroes had to be the ones to contend with The Brood, The Juggernaut, Arcade, etc. for years, would they come out from their battles against unscathed? Could the entirely of the superhero community (if not super powered beings in general) faced heavy persecution in that world? Heavy persecution that would have humanity take action against these super races? If so, how would they do it? When would they do it? Who would mainly lead the charge into pursuing, capturing, detaining and/or eliminating the ‘meances’ that had sprung up? Where would the super powered beings go? What place would they go to that could ensure their survival? And finally, could the super races (Metahumans, Inhumans, Eternals, etc.) make it to their destination safe and sounded?

Note: Just to clarify a little further, in case anyone misunderstands me, when I meant no mutants I mean no mutants never being born to begin with (ex: Katherine Anne Summers never gave birth to Cyclops, but instead gave birth to a human child).
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